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CR Fashion Book tapped Barbie Ferreira to star on the cover of its latest issue, featuring the model and actor in a retro-inspired editorial and an unfiltered interview. The talent, who will reprise her role as Kat Hernandez in the second season of Euphoria, touched on what to expect from the hit TV show, as well as her thoughts on body politics and inclusivity.

“If you thought season one was going for it, we’re going to really go for it in season two,” she said of Euphoria. “I think season two is going to be even more rambunctious and in-depth, more fantastical and trippy — all that good stuff,” she added, a tantalizing peek at what’s to come. Ferreira also spoke about the personal connection she shares with her character, Kat. “I didn’t cam at seventeen years old…but I did have this revelation, this sexual awakening, like, ‘Oh, I can be hot. I’m not this dowdy, ugly person I’m not sentencing myself to a life like that,’” she reflected. “So, my past and being made fun of by people…a lot of small things that were really personal went in [to that role]. I think that’s what makes the show so great.”

Ferreira, regarded as an icon in the body positivity movement, went on to speak about the commercialization of inclusivity. “I still have a lot of thoughts on body politics, but as you get older and you’re in this kind of body-positive world, you start to realize that it’s not,” she stated. “These companies are not speaking from truth, they’re speaking from a marketing standpoint.”

CR Fashion Book issue 18 hits newsstands on March 4.

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In Bustle’s Beauty Detail, we dive into the beauty bags of our favorite talents for intel on the rituals that keep them glowing and the MVPs (most valuable products) they can’t live without. Here, Barbie Ferreira tells Bustle about her first makeup memory and how her role on “Euphoria” changed her relationship with beauty.

As fearless Kat Hernandez on Euphoria, actor Barbie Ferreira isn’t afraid to rock a bold makeup look — and turns out in real life, the star’s approach to beauty isn’t so different from that of the character she plays on TV. “I’ve worn makeup since I was 10,” she tells me over the phone. “My school didn’t like it, but I would wear a blue smoky eye in eighth grade with fake lashes, and that was kinda my thing.”

Ferreira, who’s been modeling since she was a teenager, hasn’t always felt inspired to experiment with beauty. “I was modeling and people were always putting makeup on my face, so I didn’t want to wear it on my days off,” she says. Then came her Euphoria role, which the actor credits as the motivating force behind her renewed interest in playing with color. “It’s definitely opened up my creativity with makeup again — I’m using it as a tool of expression for how I’m feeling any given day,” she adds. “It’s almost as important as my outfit.”

Glancing at her Instagram feed, one’s greeted with colorful, Pinterest board-worthy eye candy: There’s Ferreira decked out in the perfect highlighter, modeling a vivid green eyeshadow, and trying different eyeliner looks, for just a few examples. Serendipitously, her enthusiasm for makeup led to a gig as global spokesperson and collaborator with Becca Cosmetics, a brand known for its cult-fave highlighters, bronzers, and palettes, among other makeup essentials.

Just in time for the holidays is the recently launched Becca x Barbie Ferreira Prismatica Collection, which includes pearlescent lip glosses and an ultra-shimmery, multifunctional face palette, all of which the star helped create. Ferreira says she wanted to make products that she would want to wear all the time. “My favorite eyeshadows are always purple,” she says. “It was very important to me that I have a purple-y, kind of eyeshadow-highlight moment because I love to do a holographic look. Then I love a good neutral color and a bronze-y color as well, so [the Prismatica Collection] encapsulates all of it.”

Even during quarantine, Ferreira loves wearing a done-up makeup look because… why not? “It’s a costume — I love feeling like I’m a different person every day, and makeup has definitely been a tool for that,” she says, adding that there are days when she decides to throw on a wig for even more glamour. Ahead, Ferreira shares six beauty MVPs that keep her feeling glowy and fresh.

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Barbie Ferreira is fun to talk to, point-blank. During this endless stretch of days that all look more or less the same, my biggest focus is just trying to stay safe and get through my to-do list, so chatting with her about her own routine provided a moment of respite from the monotony. It turns out we both love board games and have been using hair masks more than ever during the pandemic. The Euphoria star has remained busy during this fraught year, but she’s still found a way to luxuriate while doing her skin-care routine, turning it into more of a regular ritual than it was before. It’s refreshing to be reminded that you can nearly always make time for the things you really want to do.

Ferreira, who has loved makeup for as long as she can remember, says that she is consistently checking TikTok and Instagram to see what creative people are doing and draw inspiration from the looks she sees online. “That’s just what I do. I’ve been watching makeup videos for many, many years,” she says.

It is perhaps, then, good timing that in a moment of such collective malaise, she’s collaborated with Becca to create something vibrant and full of life. The makeup collection, named Prismatica, skews a bit more vivid than the brand typically goes; this is largely Ferreira’s influence. She’s been working with Becca for about a year and says that they always wanted to do a holiday collection together. “We had a discussion about what I wanted, and what were the colors I like and the colors I thought other people would like. I’ve always loved purple, and thought a white glitter would be beautiful, as well. It was very much a collaboration like that,” she explains.

The collection includes the Prismatica Face Palette, Lip Gloss Kit, and Light Essentials Kit, among other offerings, though Ferreira tells me she is most excited about the Prismatica Lip Gloss in Facet. “I just think it’s so cool. And it plumps, it does its thing. It just looks like I’m in Lil Mama’s ‘Lip Gloss’ music video,” she says.

Outside of playing with her new Becca products, Ferriera is focusing more on skin care than makeup, and it’s become a bit of a ritual. “I’ve actually been taking a lot more time in my skin-care routine, especially as of late, because I have all the time in the world now it seems like. I’m like, might as well put in the extra, even 30 minutes to [do] a mask or something,” she says. (I couldn’t agree more.)

And while 30 minutes might sound luxurious, she keeps the rest of her routine fairly simple and sticks to her tried-and-true faves. For Ferreira, the perfect recipe is usually cleanser, toner, then moisturizer. She loves Biologique Recherche and has been using its products for years, as well as face masks from Eminence. But what is there to do while you’re sitting there with a face mask on, or a mask in your hair?

A multitude of things. Right now I’m binge-watching Veep and Arrested Development, which I’m very, very late to. One could argue too late to,” she says. And when she needs to multitask, Ferreira is often listening to podcasts like The Daily. “At night, I’ll just light a candle and listen to the political podcasts of the day and just get really scared. It’s a combination of either both of those or playing Monopoly.” (She’s usually the cat, if you were wondering.)

It seems she’s creating an inspirational amount of balance for herself during this uncertain time. She’s spending some days makeup-free, and others creating makeup. She’s spending some of her free time getting up on the news, and some of it completely tuning out while playing a board game. And sometimes, she’s just watching a lot of Tony Hale.

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Okay, so I really don’t want to make this a story about Barbie Ferreira’s body. About how she is “soft, fleshy, bountiful” (L.A. Times, September 2020) and has “learned to embrace her curves” (Daily Mail, the day after this photo shoot). About what it’s like to “be whittled down to your most marketable, tokenized parts” (Them., September 2019) or whether “the term ‘plus-size model’—is that something you are okay with?” (W, a hundred years ago, in March 2016).

And yet here I am, using the opening lines of the 23-year-old’s first major magazine cover story to talk about her body.

Because here’s the thing: It’s all a fucking trap. The pointing out, the celebrating, the implicit messaging: This not-thin woman is thriving! Can you believe it?! Yes, it is important to see someone like Barbie. To have her body pointed out and celebrated. To message to other women—especially women who, like me, look more like Barbie than not—that, Oh, shit, yeah, you can thrive too. Just watching Barbie exist does something (not everything but something) to counteract the years of hiding your upper arms, of spending your allowance on diet pills, of standing in the background of group pics doing that thing where you stick out your head like E.T. so that, if you’re lucky, you’ll look just a little bit smaller.

Barbie gets this too. She knows that her body’s mere existence in Hollywood is a balm. How relieving, how energy-shifting, how so-good-it’s-almost-numbing it is to see someone you can relate to in an ad, on TV, in a movie. But that doesn’t mean it’s fair. It doesn’t make it okay that even though she’d really like to Finally Move On to something else—her ambitions, maybe…her talent, her actual work—she has to keep talking about her body. Which means I do too, at least for some of this story.

But anyway, here’s something that has zero to do with it: Barbie’s top-billing role in this fall’s Unpregnant. It’s a road-trip buddy comedy…about abortion. And honestly, it’s great. Warm and fuzzy and legit really funny. Also real. “Normalizing abortion is what we have to do,” Barbie says matter-of-factly, under the glow of string lights in her L.A. kitchen during our midday Zoom. “Society puts this pressure on people who are getting abortions, that they should feel a lot of guilt and shame and really emotional about it. Most people are just relieved.

Barbie plays Bailey, quirky high school loner and ex–best friend of Veronica (played by Haley Lu Richardson), the Insta-perfect popular senior. They reconnect when Veronica realizes she’s pregnant and needs to travel across several states for an abortion. Veronica’s crew is too judgy, her parents too religious, to ask for help, and Bailey has a car.

I know what you’re thinking, and no, it’s not one of those roles—the one-dimensional character whose insecurities are used for laughs or to affirm the pretty lead. Bailey is complex, with her own full backstory and plotline. And most important: “My character was not based on her body whatsoever,” says Barbie. The role of Bailey didn’t include a body type—neither the fanciful kind (“fluffy”) nor the literal kind (“overweight, loud, and sassy”), both of which Barbie has seen written into character descriptions. Anyone, in theory, could be Bailey. “It was really great not to talk about—or act out—my body for once,” she adds.

Especially since, for Barbie, it’s always been about acting, even before she became a full-time model at age 18. Specifically a “plus-size” model, not that the label was all that authentic. As a size 10, she’d have to bring padding to photo shoots to fit into the clothes she was asked to model for Adidas, H&M, Target, Missguided, ASOS, and other brand campaigns with “plus-size” lines.

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