2 March 2021

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CR Fashion Book tapped Barbie Ferreira to star on the cover of its latest issue, featuring the model and actor in a retro-inspired editorial and an unfiltered interview. The talent, who will reprise her role as Kat Hernandez in the second season of Euphoria, touched on what to expect from the hit TV show, as well as her thoughts on body politics and inclusivity.

“If you thought season one was going for it, we’re going to really go for it in season two,” she said of Euphoria. “I think season two is going to be even more rambunctious and in-depth, more fantastical and trippy — all that good stuff,” she added, a tantalizing peek at what’s to come. Ferreira also spoke about the personal connection she shares with her character, Kat. “I didn’t cam at seventeen years old…but I did have this revelation, this sexual awakening, like, ‘Oh, I can be hot. I’m not this dowdy, ugly person I’m not sentencing myself to a life like that,’” she reflected. “So, my past and being made fun of by people…a lot of small things that were really personal went in [to that role]. I think that’s what makes the show so great.”

Ferreira, regarded as an icon in the body positivity movement, went on to speak about the commercialization of inclusivity. “I still have a lot of thoughts on body politics, but as you get older and you’re in this kind of body-positive world, you start to realize that it’s not,” she stated. “These companies are not speaking from truth, they’re speaking from a marketing standpoint.”

CR Fashion Book issue 18 hits newsstands on March 4.

Source: hypebae.com

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