30 September 2020

Okay, so I really don’t want to make this a story about Barbie Ferreira’s body. About how she is “soft, fleshy, bountiful” (L.A. Times, September 2020) and has “learned to embrace her curves” (Daily Mail, the day after this photo shoot). About what it’s like to “be whittled down to your most marketable, tokenized parts” (Them., September 2019) or whether “the term ‘plus-size model’—is that something you are okay with?”

29 September 2020
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12 September 2020

When Barbie Ferreira was a plus-size model, most of her friends looked like her. Soft, fleshy, bountiful. She was part of a group text chain, “The Fat Agenda,” whose members labeled themselves as the “fats in fashion.” As a teenager, she’d hated that word — “fat.” It was weaponized by schoolmates and anonymous commenters who trolled her Tumblr. But when she and the other curvy models began using it as

11 September 2020
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9 September 2020

After announcing a series of new collabs the past few weeks, including H&M x Sandra Mansour and H&M x Kangol, it seems the Swedish fast fashion giant is continuing to stay booked and busy this season with the debut of its Fall 2020 Studio collection (the brand’s more elevated, fashion-forward line). Dubbed “The Refined Rebel,” the line incorporates notes of ’70s rock, disco and punk complete with bright jolts of